This week’s tip is to get out that tape measure! When purchasing new furniture or rearranging existing pieces, it can be extremely helpful to take down some basic dimensions. While it often isn’t necessary to have exact to the inch measurements, it is always helpful to have a solid estimate of the basic size.

Also be sure to confirm that the dimensions of doors, hallways and stairs that the pieces will have to move through. This way you can prepare adequately, or know whether or not the journey is even possible. If the fit is tight, precautionary measures may be a good idea.

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Louisiana Furniture Gallery on Pinterest

Louisiana Furniture Gallery is proud to be an active member of the Pinterest community. We have already posted over 14 boards and 140 pins centered around many furniture and home decoration items, including a wide selection of items that can be found from our own collection. In the coming months we’ll add new pins and boards with some of our favorite items and themes. Hopefully, our pins can inspire the interior designer inside of you!

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Style and theme are important parts of a happy and aesthetic home. In this regard, why choose bland pieces when you can personalize your home to suit your own preferences? However, shopping for furniture with a specific look in mind can often be very frustrating. You may find the perfect piece, but are unimpressed by the quality or texture of the fabric. Or maybe the colors available don’t match your theme or are just not quite ideal.

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